Building's thermo insulation

JSC „Termosnaigė” & co performs thermo insulation of gaps between building walls with polyurethane foam. Works are performed using mobile polyurethane foam filling machine of the USA company GUSMER. Company uses special polyurethane foam for insulation of buildings. According to the specific building, its purpose or construction we choose most suitable polyurethane system – opened pores (breathing) or closed pores.

Ways of building’s thermo insulation:

  1. spraying polyurethane foam on the constructions by opened system;

  2. filling air gaps with polyurethane foam.

Advantages of systems:

  1. polyurethane in half opened pores system lets wall to „breath“;

  2. closed pores system is non-conducting for humidity and gives a possibility to keep necessary ratio of temperature and humidity in buildings with special purposes or in separate premises (for example storage of vegetables, refrigerators and etc);

  3. Half compressible polyurethane, filled into air gaps, compensates moving of walls and does not ruins the walls in time of filling;

  4. depending on system polyurethane foam could spread up to 50 times from liquid condition to polyurethane foam. That way gaps are filled in maximum;

  5. coefficient of heat conduction from λ = 0,022 W/mK.

*In every specific case suitable technologies and raw materials are selected.

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