Building's thermo insulation and technical insulation with polyurethane foam

Correct thermo insulation

There are different methods of heating and thermo insulation and wide assortment of construction materials. Every method and used material has its positive and negative features.

Nowadays polyurethane foam is irreplaceable material in construction sector. Thermo insulation of buildings with polyurethane is good opportunity for extremely economic and energy saving solutions.

Polyurethane foam has a lot of advantages in comparison with other insulating materials:

  1. Extremely good insulating features. With this feature polyurethane foam overtakes other insulating materials for several times.  

  2. Currently polyurethane foam is one of the most efficient heating materials, its heat conduction ratio (valuating terms of exploitation) is from λ = 0,022 w/mk (when weight of capacity is 40 kg/m3) to λ = 0,030 (when weight of capacity is 20 kg/m3).   This feature enables to reach very good heat resistor with minimal insulation layer. Examples for that – domestic refrigerators, boilers.

  3. Completely resistant for temperature from – 30 °C to + 90 °C.  There could be short time influence till + 150 °C. Resistant for moldings and decompositions, unattractive for parasites.

  4. Long lasting, because polyurethane foam is high quality polymer.

Functions, quality and validity of thermo insulation depend on formatting technologies and equipment. High quality of equipment is especially important. JSC “Termosnaigė“ & co uses well known mobile polyurethane foam filling machine GUSMER and stationary high pressure machine CANNON.

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