One material – two solutions

Thermo-insulated finishing panel is a multipurpose material easily applicable for the exteriors of individual houses, tenement houses, offices and other public buildings. Thermo-insulated finishing panel is a guarantee of fast and effective wall insulation and aesthetic, expressive exteriors for the new and renewed constructions.

Thermo-insulated finishing panel consists of:

  1. oriented strand board or  waterproof plywood;

  2. insulation layer with polyurethane foam;

  3. layer of basaltic mountain rock;

  4. facade finishing brick slices (clinker or stone)


  • exterior is insulated and visually renewed;

  • Wide usage and opportunity to attain exclusive design;

  • long-lasting and do not require maintenance;

  • quick installation;

  • dry process, panels can be installed twelve months of the year – cold weather will not delay installation;

  • panel is nonfreezing, shockproof and fireproof;

  • does not emit harmful substances into the environment;

  • wide choice of colours.

Thermoinsulation panels are manufactured in Lithuania since 1992 according to the technology of Canadian company „Pem Thermo Brick INC“.

The  reliable and reputed suppliers allow to ensure high quality products –  energy efficient, durable and resistant. All usable materials are certified and meet European standards.

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